Children Aren’t Preparing For Life, They’re Living Life Now

I love how my son's eyes light up when the words "cooking", "baking" or "chopping" are mentioned and how eager he is to get into the kitchen and create food for our family.   He is not going … [Read More...]

How Do I Define Unschooling?

"Unschooling isn't just a nonforceful way for kids to learn academics. Unschooling is a totally different philosophy based on respecting someone for who they already are and trusting that exploring … [Read More...]

Painting Love

Art Awaiting Discovery Just before Christmas, I went into my garage to find a box and, no matter where I looked, I uncovered art materials and art resources. And I thought about the number of fun … [Read More...]

Avoiding Overwhelm, One Step At A Time

Understanding Overwhelm Doesn't Eradicate It There are dozens, probably hundreds of ways to avoid overwhelm I know. I've read the books. The blogs. The multiple lists on what to do, what … [Read More...]

Rebirth In St Ives

Hidden Dreams   The previous night I had been sitting in my car, staring out to a sea whipped wild by the same wind that was rocking my car. I had let myself slip into a deep reverie - … [Read More...]

Authenticity, Vulnerability And Friendships

Wouldn't it be amazing to live in a world free of social games?   Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to say what you feel. To put to words what you can feel the energies of and just remove the … [Read More...]

Closure On A Conscious Divorce

Today is the 26th of July 2011 It would have been my 11th anniversary with the man that I felt was my soul mate. Soul MateAnd, in truth, he was my soul mate in what I believe to be the very … [Read More...]

Grateful To Be THIS Mama

Freshly Woken It's about quarter past ten and we've been up for around ten minutes and I'm thinking that it's mornings like these that I'm so grateful for .. for our life just like it is .. to be … [Read More...]

Summer 2011

  A snapshot of all we love doing and some of what we plan to do this summer.   What does your summer look like?     … [Read More...]

Making Kefir From Kefir Grains (part 2)

It's Going Great!   Yay!! My I have consumed my first water kefir, my grains are growing and I'm on my way to a delicous, fizzy, healthy, empire in my own kitchen!   After 48 … [Read More...]


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