Am I Good Enough For You?

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I mean, isn’t that how most people approach a job interview – am I good enough for you? That there aren’t enough jobs to go around and this is the *one*? Don’t most people feel like a kid going into the principal’s office, going for an interview. You lay out everything you’ve done and throw a few hobbies in just to show how well rounded you are and the interviewer weighs you up to see if you’re going to make enough money for their company.

I know, that sounds so jaded of me.

The Corporation

I used to work in a corporate environment. I actually started out straight from school in a career I hated but that would “stand me in good  stead”, as an auditor and trainee accountant, while I studied for a degree I hated just as much to qualify as a chartered accountant.  I eventually realised that ‘finishing’ was never going to make me as happy as ‘leaving’ and so I changed degrees and tried to break into an industry that I preferred.

The fact is that almost every interview I went to was forgettable in its own way. It’s the one place that my ability to read people really shone, because I could be whoever they wanted me to be (with added charisma) and I could look forward to beginning any kind of job because I LOVE beginning new things and learning anything new. I got offered almost any job I ever interviewed for. Wow, I wish I could give my younger self a head’s up, a nudge to find out what I truly loved and hold out for that instead. Though I also know that every step I ever took was perfect in the way it lead me to exactly where I am right now.

The Boredom

The fact is that I excelled at every job I ever began, but as soon as I stopped learning and settled down to the mundane routine of the job, my enthusiasm waned and it was only a year or so before I needed a new challenge .. and another .. and another. I eventually broke into the industry that interested me: advertising and quickly worked my way through the ranks of the agency that gave me my break and was nominated for an industry award in a record time. That led to me being headhunted by the country’s leading ad agency and relocated to a city that opened the door to my heart and my spirit.

The Awakening

It took me a while, and a major life crisis, for me to realise that no job like that was ever going to fulfil me, especially not until I knew who I was.  I still did job interviews here and there after I began travelling, to secure really different kinds of jobs, from live-in care worker to contract driver for troubled teens to barista. And my perspective slowly began to shift.

Over that time I began to know who I am and to trust my intuition .. and to work to enhance my life, not *as* my life. There are times I’ve taken a job knowing that it was more about the people I was to meet through it, than the money or the work; other times, it was a job needed to fund another more inspired project.

The Entrepreneur

In 2002 I set up my own shamanic practice and worked with clients one-to-one and began teaching workshops and courses, but I set that aside when I became a parent. Although becoming a parent deepened that spiritual work for me (and I even learned to go into deep shamanic states, while still keeping an ear out for my baby sleeping alongside me, or even breastfeeding throughout!), by the time I had two children, it wasn’t possible to carve out uninterrupted treatment times or organise workshops. And frankly, the kind of energy my clients needed from me was already 100% invested in my children who had severe infant reflux from birth and had to be carried upright at all times for their first 9 months on the planet, so I set that business aside.

The Internet Entrepreneur

Over the past few years, I’ve found my love of marketing finding a new outlet as I’ve dabbled in internet marketing of one kind or another. So much about it excites me. I love WordPress and building great web sites (which reminds me how much this one needs a facelift!).  And I love the idea of putting the skills I have to find information and put it together and sharing it in a way that really helps someone else, while still being able to be at home and be around for my children (even if that’s sometimes at my computer), really exciting.

I don’t think that I will ever again have a ‘memorable interview experience’ to share. I can’t imagine working to someone else’s schedule or towards someone else’s passion now that I know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Sure there are some risks and not everything I’ve tried has worked, but it has all been my choice. And that bit of empowerment means more to me than anything else.

Self Designed Living

And as I grow into my self-designed living in more and more ways, I get to know myself more honestly, love myself more and listen to my intuition to guide me to that overall vision of freedom for us all to be exactly who we’re meant to be .. the best versions of ourselves living a truly passionate life!

And best of all?

I Am Good Enough For Me.


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