Avoiding Overwhelm, One Step At A Time

Understanding Overwhelm Doesn’t Eradicate It

There are dozens, probably hundreds of ways to avoid overwhelm

I know.

I’ve read the books.

The blogs.

The multiple lists on what to do, what not to do, to take action and not become overwhelmed.

And yet, I have never been able to start a big project and not do exactly that .. instant overwhelm!



I understand about breaking it down into steps.

I understand about making a plan.

And yet, as ridiculously easy as this seems, I just haven’t been able to do it.



Even when I have followed wonderful systems and planning workshops, and have my plan and my achievable deadlines, I just don’t seem able to stick to it. Something about the looming steps just seem to swamp me.



But I have finally found MY WAY 😉

I am working on a new project.

Not just new, but HUGE.

How huge? I have NO IDEA!

I don’t even know what it is yet.


My Heartsong

I do know that it is a project that reflects everything I have learned about myself and about relationships in my forty years.

It is the project that has been calling me forward in time for years and years, to this very moment.

It is a project that makes me feel so enthralled in every way, yet pokes at my vulnerability in new ways.

It is the very thing that I read about, think about, watch endlessly in others and ponder about, that most people come to me to talk about to know my perspective on and that I have shared views and quotes and book recommendations on, and written treatises about, for as long as I can remember.

It’s even what my whole birth chart points to (thanks to the awesome Terri Plewa that I have even been able to piece it together now and then SEE it so clearly).

And I still don’t know exactly what IT is at a purely practical level, or what it will look like, BUT ..


Inspired Creation

Every day I get a new piece of it from an inspired source.

Every meditation, every shower, every reverie seems to offer me ONE piece of what I am to do next.

One meditation gave me my navigation menu, another a main keyword I am to focus on, yet another: blog post ideas, and today’s shower offered me copyright notices (creative commons license, some rights reserved .. in case you’re curious).


Visionary Assistance

Less than two weeks ago, I met with some Light Beings in a profound visionary experience atop a sacred site in Cornwall. I keep meaning to write it up, but haven’t yet .. it is very ‘woowoo’ (read: exceptionally spiritual and visionary, maybe even new agey to some), which is very Me, but I have hesitated nonetheless to publish it, for old reasons I am slowly healing and choosing a new path with.

Maybe this week ..

anyway ..

In my vision they told me I am ready for ‘this work’, that I have come to do, and that they are wholly supporting me in it. I started asking the paralysing questions:

“what is it?”

“is it [this]?”

“is it [that]?”

“how do I do it??”

And they soothed me. I didn’t understand their answer at the time, but I do now.

They said it is all of that [that I was imagining] and more.


Just Begin

Then, they handed me the key:

To just begin.

Take the step that is in front of me right now and they will be there, sharing the next step as it becomes time.

Obviously, I’ve heard this wisdom before .. who doesn’t know that beautiful quote from Martin Luther King?

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Or, as I’ve heard Mike Dooley say many times:

God can’t steer a parked car. Just get moving in the vague direction of your dream.

I knew it, but I really didn’t GET it.

These Light Beings told me to just begin moving and they will steer me as I go.

I had no idea how literal they were going to be!


So, I Began

So first I set up the WordPress web site with a simple theme I liked and adjusted the colours to suit me so that I enjoy going in and working on it. And then I waited, wondering.


And It Worked

And, since then, every day: Something.

Really, really small steps.

I get some ideas I can’t quite act on yet in their entirety .. blog posts to be written, idea themes to be filled out, but even that is perfect!

I have begun keeping my first inspiration notebook where I write them all down.

I am looking forward to my showers even more now. Now that I have the theme or outline for some blog posts, I joyfully anticipate the shower where the content for them will download .. one at a time!

I love showers. I am a very un-eco-friendly showerer. But that seems to have changed too .. especially if the inspiration arrives near the beginning of one (or once just by turning the shower on!).

Really .. I can’t get out of there quick enough now, to write down my ideas, “our ideas” .. my heartsong that is downloading for me step by baby step.



I feel so inspired.


The opposite of overwhelm isn’t underwhelm .. it’s enthusiasm!




photo credit: photo by 96dpi on Flickr


  1. Lovely post, Natalie! From someone who also gets immobilized by overwhelm (and, in fact, is in that state right now!) it was just what I needed to read today. It’s also nice to know that other people receive their greatest moments of inspiration in the shower. I always thought I was the only one who used up all the hot water! I will take a step today, thanks to you, without worrying about the scary, big picture. Deepest gratitude for writing this <3

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