Rebirth In St Ives

A visit to St Ives to find an art print led to a profound spiritual experience.

Authenticity, Vulnerability And Friendships

A new friendship has me pondering questions of authenticity and social conditioning.

Closure On A Conscious Divorce

How do you let go and move on when a soul mate leaves? It’s a many stepped road and I’ve been walking on it a for a while. Today I revisited my wedding in a powerful way.

Grateful To Be THIS Mama

I love it. My heart swells open in it and more love flows through me again, fresh in this moment, more than I thought possible. My children ..

Making Kefir From Kefir Grains (part 2)

I’m still making kefir from kefir grains and am loving it. I’ve made two flavoured batches now and can’t get enough of it. This is the first one.

Making Kefir From Kefir Grains – Water (part1)

After seeing so many of a friend’s photos of him making kefir from kefir grains, I’ve decided to have a go at my own ‘healthy soda’. This is my first attempt, with photos and video links.

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