Avoiding Overwhelm, One Step At A Time

Even though I ‘know’ a lot about avoiding overwhelm, it gets me every time .. but not THIS time! Something’s new ..

Rebirth In St Ives

A visit to St Ives to find an art print led to a profound spiritual experience.

Closure On A Conscious Divorce

How do you let go and move on when a soul mate leaves? It’s a many stepped road and I’ve been walking on it a for a while. Today I revisited my wedding in a powerful way.

Grateful To Be THIS Mama

I love it. My heart swells open in it and more love flows through me again, fresh in this moment, more than I thought possible. My children ..

How To Live Your Life To The Fullest!

It’s great to feel FULLY ALIVE! I know I don’t need moments like jumping off a bridge, or floating in a peaceful sky across the land that I’ve made my home for the past 10 years to feel it. I find those moments in my everyday magic .. but .. they are oh.so.good for raising the bar.

Single Parent: Unschooling

Today I answered a post on Facebook that asked: Single unschooling parents: How do you make it work? This is how I answered it …

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