Closure On A Conscious Divorce

Today is the 26th of July 2011


It would have been my 11th anniversary with the man that I felt was my soul mate.


Soul Mate

And, in truth, he was my soul mate in what I believe to be the very truest sense of the word. That he and I had soul agreements in this lifetime. That he gently and lovingly opened some doorways in my heart that I didn’t know how to and, later, in less kind and loving ways gave me the opportunities for me to expand my heart beyond the places I knew or had seen modelled in real life.


Wedding Day Revisited

Today, the weather was as perfect and summery as the day we got married, 26 July 2008.

I took my time getting ready. Enjoyed my long shower uninterrupted by the sweet voices of my children and searched through my sparsely populated wardrobe for something special to wear.

The drive was familiar, even though I’d not been there since our wedding, the roads quiet, smells of farmland blowing in my open window.

I turned into the church car park, relieved to find it empty, remembering my arrival here three years ago. As I crossed over the point on the church pathway where I had hoisted my train up to walk up to the church, I began drawing my energy back into me from the memories.

I remembered how full and happy and excited I felt, while this time, my heart was pounding inexplicably in my chest, hard and heavy.

I reached the heavy wooden door and swung it open to the cool empty interior. I started at the back of the church, next to the organ, remembering all of the faces of my then community turning to face me as the organ lit up and I began walking down the aisle. Each step I took today, I drew my energy back into me and this time I could feel the tingle of it as I reached the point where my husband had waited for me, his hands shaking.



I took the rings I had brought with me out of my bag and held them for a moment, breathing quietly.

I pictured him standing in front of me and I whispered “I forgive you” as I have forgiven myself for my part in bringing us to this point today. I still felt fine though, nothing too big, just moving through each step as I felt it.

I remembered the Reverend leading us to the back of the church, to the altar beneath the stained glass windows and I felt to go there.

The first kneeling cushion as I approached held an image of the dove and it made me smile, it felt so perfect. It took me a moment to get comfortable; kneeling felt strange and I was swaying as I closed my eyes.

I paused my thoughts to find my centre.

I opened myself to my Higher Self, to my guides and angels and Divinity and asked for help.

I felt the connection with my own Divine Light open and the swaying stopped.

I couldn’t remember the prayers we said there that day, but as I connected with my wedding band, I felt the words begin to well up and tumble out of me, followed by rivers of tears. I began to say the words aloud, through rasping breaths and loud crying, grateful for the lack of human witnesses.

Each word and tear seemed to create the space for more to well up. I forgave and released him of any vows or promises he had made to me on that ring, and any that had led up to it. I forgave and asked for Divine Forgiveness* on any similar promises or vows we had ever made to each other, in any lifetime, all the way back to when time began. And I felt them release with the tears and the words.

I did the same with my engagement ring, releasing any expectations that had come with receiving and the giving of it. I forgave myself for not having been able to receive it at the time, on a day of just too much for me.


The ‘Sins’ Of Our Mother And Our Mother’s Mother

And then I held my late mother’s wedding band.

In an even stronger surge of emotion, I forgave her for all she had ever taught me about relationships and relating in ways that have been unhealthy and painful in my life. I forgave her and her mother and her mother’s mother, all the way up my maternal line to the beginning of time, for all that they had learned about relationship that was not Loving and Unconditional and that they had each passed down to me.

And I released it all. And each release and each prayer brought a stronger cleansing flow of my tears streaming off my face, running down my chest tickling my skin until my blouse soaked them up.

I held the three rings in my hands and brought my palms together in prayer while a small voice mocked me for the gesture and another laughingly answered it: if not in a church, then where?

(I’m not religious, raised Judaic not Christian, so even getting married in one seemed unbelievable to most who knew me, but I marvelled at the ego pettiness that can go on in the back of my mind while all these huge things are going on up front!)



And I prayed to the God within me and all around me with gratitude for releasing all of this from my children. And from my descendants all the way forward to infinity. And for releasing this from my ancestors, all the way back to infinity.

I repeated the Ho’oponopono prayer** a few times until I could say all four lines without a fresh flood of tears and I asked that any spaces within me left empty by this release be filled with Divine Love.

And as I was quiet for a moment, I felt like those plastic bottles that you can pop the dents out of and I could feel hollow sucked in places inside of me popping back out, filling with warmth.


And then I was done.


I walked back past the table where we had signed the register and pulled back any energy I’d left there and sat quietly in the front pew, just Being.



I have come a long way on this journey. My soul mate now lives with the woman who was his mistress and they’ve just had a very beautiful baby girl. I have recently made space in my heart to embrace both mother and child as a part of my extended family. It was a very difficult journey to get there and I’m sure it will still have its milestones to pass. But I have learned that true forgiveness and acceptance seem to give the biggest gift of freedom to the giver, so I suppose it can be considered selfish in its own way. And it is a relief not to feel my stomach involuntarily clench when I hear her name, and I am no longer surprised by vengeful thoughts in my quietest moments. I truly feel free.

I see him regularly when he comes to my home to collect the two very wonderful children that were part of our soul contract to consciously conceive and bring into this world. I don’t love him anymore, but I don’t resent or blame or hate him either. I enjoy his company for the moments that we share it, he’s very personable, but he is not my friend and I understand our meeting has served its purpose.




Last Wednesday, a judge officially pronounced that my marriage had
broken down irretrievably and decreed that the said marriage be dissolved
so this anniversary is the last we will officially share before our divorce is finalized.





Unconditional Love

I didn’t realize before I stepped foot back in the church today all that was still waiting release and I am very grateful I was willing to drop my plans for the day and follow my intuition to pick up my rings and take myself to the church and be able to open to all that happened there today.

I feel I am that bit closer to embodying unconditional love, for myself and others.

I am one step closer to unconditionality in all my relationships today.

I feel free and gentle and peaceful.

And, if you’ve read all the way to this point, I thank you for your witness.


I love you.




* Forgiveness

To me, forgiveness in this context means to let go and transmute the pattern or programme, so that it is cleared at a spiritual/soul level. It isn’t a ‘moral’ forgiveness.


** Ho’oponopono Prayer

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You


calendar by Goddess Leonie




  1. A lovely act and important energy reclaim. The Inca shamans reckon that we need to do this with each relationship we have ever had? But perhaps the most important thing is to be able to look lovingly but neutrally at the past.
    The debts have been settled, we are released from their ties and can move forward and upward with understanding.
    oh and I love the Opono pono approach!
    And there are also the many vows we have made that still influence our freedom, that can be released with Soul retreval.
    Thank you, lovely reading

    • The Whole Mama says:

      Yes. Interestingly, I spent quite a bit of last year recapitulating the memories and energy of my past relationships as they came up spontaneously. I’ve mainly had long term relationships, so there weren’t many of them, but they each held many gifts for me as I reclaimed energy or released it from those times.

      I’ve not encountered releasing vows during soul retrieval work; that’s interesting. Maybe we’ll talk about it over coffee 🙂

  2. Natalie,
    I am 6 months into my 13 year relationship suddenly ending and I just came across your post now. Perfect timing for me I think. While we did not have children, (one dog) or a legal marriage I know we had a soul mate relationship, many time being together in past lives. Not sure what the reason for it was this time but here we are anyway.
    With good days and bad days still lingering the beach I walk on is my joy. When I get to the end of the beach I throw a rock in the water and say who I forgive. Simple and helpful.
    You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and great writing.
    Blessing on your continued growth.

  3. I am this.

    I love this.

    Thank you for sharing, Natalie.

    • The Whole Mama says:

      Thank you for all the times you have witnessed me in this journey, so that I can be in this place now and feel brave enough to write these words and publish them. Hugs to you!

  4. Kate Gold says:

    Natalie, your courageous and honest sharing has me in tears. What a wonderful gift to yourself – to your ancestors – to your decendants. And to me. As I am here, vacillating between rage and sorrow ( with a few clear moments of detachment ) at the ending of another relationship – one that I wanted to believe had all the elements for happiness and a creative, contented future. So…you show me a way of letting go with grace and forgiveness and I thank you deeply for that.

    • The Whole Mama says:

      Kate I am sorry to hear where you stand in this moment, but feel blessed to be able to share this with you now – thank you for receiving my words as a gift. Sending love to your mending heart. x x

  5. Oh sweet darling. You are so brave and wonderful. My hair is standing on end and I have tears in my eyes. Namaste. Unconditional.

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