Grateful To Be THIS Mama

Freshly Woken

It’s about quarter past ten and we’ve been up for around ten minutes and I’m thinking that it’s mornings like these that I’m so grateful for .. for our life just like it is .. to be this mama to these children.



Watching my naked children play around me and feeling my heart swell with love as I realize (again and again) how beautiful they are. Each little curve, freckle, line, each inherited, blended feature. So different to my dad who saw and reflected my every imperfection.


Spinach For Breakfast

So grateful that my son wakes up and asks if he can have spinach and potato pie for breakfast with leftover steamed potatoes on the side and I say “yes”. There are so many other ways I could have responded, but I get to say “yes”.



That he stands balancing on one foot with his fingers resting lightly on my knee and I sit there and witness him and enjoy him and the skills he wants to share with me.


He has balanced a hundred times, but I know that there is some nuance to this one, new for him, that I may or may not spot.  I’m aware of the script in me: “I’ve seen that before” and I purposefully let it go and instead smile and enjoy this NEW moment with him.


Anything else that needs doing can’t be as important to him as this one precious moment.

He’s showing me because it is new to him and I honour that.


Divine Love

I love it.

My heart swells open in it and more love flows through me again,

fresh in this moment,

more than I thought possible.



I am so grateful for our life.


I am so grateful for this small, blonde boy for showing me this blissful perspective this morning.


I am so grateful to be THIS mama.



What are you grateful for today?


photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

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