“I Am Boey” Is Cool

Ages ago, on Facebook, I saw some amazing art created on coffee cups with a sharpie.


It was so good that I followed it to the artist’s blog and I LOVED it. It was so simple and funny and uplifting that I wrote to the artist to let him know how it made me feel. He was really sweet.


Just the other day, I heard from him again because he is working on another project and is raising funds for it so that he can do it his way. I love that about it, even if I didn’t think it was going to turn out super cool and fun and interesting on it’s own. 😉 Which I do.


This is his fund-raising video:

I’ve contributed and then I thought, what else can I do? So I’ve put it on Facebook and I’ve added a post to my blog. Thanks for reading it! 🙂

Please go over there, to Kickstarter, and support his project.


  1. i am shameless, so i googled my site today, and yr “i am boey is cool” came up.
    thank you.
    it means alot to me.

    my head is swelling now.

    • The Whola Mama says:

      You’re very welcome .. All deserved, in my opinion!

      I saw that the Kickstarter reached it’s target – yay! I look forward to seeing the finished book.

      And I reckon everyone should google themselves once in a while and ought to have a google alert set up for their site 🙂 It’s handy to know what people are saying about it, good, bad or otherwise 😉

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