Making Kefir From Kefir Grains (part 2)

It’s Going Great!


Yay!! My I have consumed my first water kefir, my grains are growing and I’m on my way to a delicous, fizzy, healthy, empire in my own kitchen!


After 48 hours, it tasted about right, not too sweet anymore, so I drained the solids out. We ate the apricots and the lemon slices – yum!  The grains hadn’t grown too much, but had started to look more white (I think they were grown on molasses by the guy I bought them from which is why they were brown to start with).


water kefir grains


I wasn’t sure how much they’re supposed to grow by each time, but I’m assuming that they start off slow to get over the shock of the transporting and the new environment/sugars /etc.


No Rinsing


Another departure I made from Zoe’s instructions, is that I didn’t rinse the grains. I’ve read that rinsing it interferes with the rhythm of the microflora and I want them to thrive without that kind of shock on top of what they’d already experienced.


Flavoured Water Kefir


So, I transferred my water kefir (the fermented liquid) to a new, clean, jar and added some organic lemon slices and some sage leaves, closed the lid tight and left it to ferment for another day.


lemon and sage water kefir


I also ended up with some of the fine kefir grains slipping through the mesh of my sieve and staying in the sealed jar, so this batch kept fermenting quite a bit through the next day and resulted in a very fizzy drink that got less sweet as the day progressed, which I really loved.


Then I mixed up a new batch of spring water, organic unrefined cane sugar, rapadura sugar, unsulphured apricots, lemon and kefir grains in another glass jar, but this time, I covered with a piece of paper towel and the outer ring of the lid only. You can read about the way I did it the first time when I began making kefir with kefir grains.


new batch and old batch of water kefir



The Big Problem


Anyway, my only problem so far, is that it takes up to 48 hours to make the first batch of water kefir, then another 24 hours to make the flavoured (and more fizzy) second batch .. BUT .. only about 12 hours to drink the whole lot and that’s only because it was on top of the fridge where my children couldn’t reach it and I had to control myself so that I could have a last drink before going to sleep.


Soon To Be Solved, I Hope


I noticed after I began today’s flavoured batch (blackberry and ginger) that the grains have indeed begun growing and are about 50% bigger than when I began, meaning I should soon have enough to brew two first batches at once .. WAHOO!!


Are You Making Any Yet??


Have you given it a go?


Do you have any questions (I researched a LOT!)?


Please share your news or successes (or not) in the comments below 🙂



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