On Their Backs: How’d Hollywood Get It So Wrong?

While I was meditating yesterday, I had this random thought pop into my head .. as you do .. but it stuck around long enough for me to decide to write this today: women on their backs – how did Hollywood get it *so* wrong??


I Love That Movies Are Make-Believe

I don’t have many pet peeves when it comes to TV and movies. I enjoy watching things that uplift me .. or, if I’m feeling sad, movies that make me more sad until I cry, but that’s another story.

I have a low threshold for suspension of disbelief. I don’t watch a movie thinking, “that’s not how it would be in real life” .. I like to just go with what I’m watching to get into the feeling place of it.


But …

there are two movie images that irk me.



One of them is the post-sex scene where you see the couple lying on their backs next to each other, all out of breath and … separate. Separate? Really? Didn’t they just have amazing sex and reach a transcendental state of union? I don’t get it.

After really awesome sex, I expect to see a couple looking at each other. Looking into each other’s eyes. Touching each other tenderly. Showing *some* outer sign of the deeply intimate connection that’s just been made. C’mon Hollywood ..


The Results Of (Some) Sex

Which brings me to my second pet peeve .. Hollywood births!

I accept that it may be a long time, especially as so many movies are made in the USA, before I see on-screen women routinely giving birth at home rather than wearing a hospital gown (though, at least Tangled, Disney’s recent offering, has the princess being born in her mother’s bedroom) .. but why, oh why, do they always have to be seen lying on their back?


Have Any Film Makers Had An Natural Birth?

Every time we see a birth scene in a movie, I have to remind my daughter that the film makers haven’t seen a beautiful, natural, awesome birth like I had .. twice! Amazing births that women have every single day, though not enough women, because women, from childhood onwards, only ever see hospital-lying-on-their-backs births in the media.

Lying on your back is not the optimal birthing position. No wonder they scream and grimace throughout it.


Ecstatic Births

Birth can be peaceful.

It can be joyful.

It can be unbelievably comfortable.

It can even be done unassisted .. like my second one was ..but that’s a story for another blog post.


Where are the movie scenes of women walking around, gently being held up in water, toning or chanting through their surges?

Or .. can I even suggest it .. ecstatically orgasming through their births?

OK .. I may have to wait a while for that one .. but really .. on their backs?? C’mon Hollywood.


What Do You Think?

Let me know in the comments section. What are your thoughts?



  1. I agree with both sentiments. I had a natural birth and I was on my knees leaning against the bed post. It was perfect and exactly in a comfortable position. Thanks for the words. xo m.

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