How To Live Your Life To The Fullest!

It’s great to feel FULLY ALIVE! I know I don’t need moments like jumping off a bridge, or floating in a peaceful sky across the land that I’ve made my home for the past 10 years to feel it. I find those moments in my everyday magic .. but .. they are for raising the bar.

Taking Woodstock

Review I was lucky enough to get preview tickets to this film recently and I loved it. If you’re on a journey of self discovery, into Being Authentic, Living a Passion-Led Life and Being True To Your Inner Being and the journey that takes you there through family, personal and abundance issues, you’ll probably love [...]

Recipes of the moment …

Here are a selection of recipes I am or have recently enjoyed from the sublimely healthy to the dangerously decadent! I’ve probably been loving the smoothies so much just to overcome the birthday cake I had two weeks ago. Whatever the reason, they’re my favourite of the three and seem to be giving me loads [...]

It’s my birthday today …

and I got to spend it with my husband, my children and my friends … and the most decadent chocolate cake imaginable, baked by my husband.  I’ll post the recipe soon! My children devised a treasure hunt for me, with cryptic clues thought up by my husband, that led me around the house till I [...]

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