Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Law of Attraction

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my husband said that, clearly Roald Dahl had no idea about the Law of Attraction as there was no way that Charlie would ever have found the ticket as the preceding scenes had shown how very pessimistic he was and how stuck in disappointment and despair [...]

Where the Wild Things Are – the movie

Wow! My kids love this book.  I love this book.  Does anyone not love “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak? And now we can look forward to the movie inspired by the book by Spike Jonze. Being True To Yourself As Forest Whitaker says of the movie’s main theme in this interview:  It’s [...]

Taking Woodstock

Review I was lucky enough to get preview tickets to this film recently and I loved it. If you’re on a journey of self discovery, into Being Authentic, Living a Passion-Led Life and Being True To Your Inner Being and the journey that takes you there through family, personal and abundance issues, you’ll probably love [...]

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