What Was I Waiting For?

I had a wild time stopping “important stuff” to connect with my children and turn them into two very happy little puppies.

Staying In

I’d never been snowed in before this winter, but this is a question I can answer after this last one! We mostly did all the things we do every day when we stay home. That’s the joy of unschooling for us I suppose .. every day has a bit of work, a bit of play, a bit of stuff that ‘has’ to be done and a bit of following whatever interest has flashed on our radar.

Books for Unschoolers

I’m just posting a quick note about these two book series for unschoolers. It’s so great to have some fictional books appearing that reflect some of our lifestyle when most books my family reads about other families talk about school, homework and grades. Both these authors had found the same and created these books to [...]

Recipes of the moment …

Here are a selection of recipes I am or have recently enjoyed from the sublimely healthy to the dangerously decadent! I’ve probably been loving the smoothies so much just to overcome the birthday cake I had two weeks ago. Whatever the reason, they’re my favourite of the three and seem to be giving me loads [...]

5 Top Indoor Activities For Rainy Days

With the change of the seasons, the sun has disappeared from our skies and I have some very energetic children indoors.  So I’ve decided to head boredom off before it arises and have a lot of fun with my kids at the same time.  I hope you enjoy these ideas.  Please leave me a comment [...]

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