Time Machine For An Hour

If I had a time machine that only let me spend one hour in a different time, what date would I go to? I think I’d like the double-edged sword of going to my last hour of this lifetime.  Well, not really double-edged, because, although I would know when I was going to die on [...]

The World According to Will Smith

An accumulation of clips where Will Smith talks about his mindset, his work ethic, his approach to success. It just echoes everything I’ve been enjoying in The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks, The Science of Getting Rich Program, The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder and many many others. 10 minutes of happy inspiration by such a passionate, [...]

Magic Tapping with Brad Yates

EFT and Brad Yates I am a big fan of Brad Yates’ intuitive improvised EFT and it has played a great role in my life as I clear blocks that come up for me while manifesting my dreams. I find his style especially warm and delightful and have never finished a tapping sequence led by [...]

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