Children Aren’t Preparing For Life, They’re Living Life Now

My son loves cooking, but he is not going to be a chef "when he grows up" .. want to know why?

How Do I Define Unschooling?

What is Unschooling and how is it connected to Following Your Bliss?

No Wonder We Find It Hard To Love Our Bodies

What a world we live in that our beautiful bodies have to be hidden and are ridiculed if not, even at 3 years old!

What Is Ash?

I love starting an answer then having to stop and say “I actually have no idea, let’s google it” A moment ago it was “what is ash”, and went on to a discussion about a friend’s ashes we were sent to scatter, death and cremation, then carbon … I’m pretty sure they don’t cover that [...]

Single Parent: Unschooling

Today I answered a post on Facebook that asked: Single unschooling parents: How do you make it work? This is how I answered it …

What Was I Waiting For?

I had a wild time stopping “important stuff” to connect with my children and turn them into two very happy little puppies.

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