Children Aren’t Preparing For Life, They’re Living Life Now

My son loves cooking, but he is not going to be a chef "when he grows up" .. want to know why?

Painting Love

I used to spend most of the days of my childhood drawing. But that all changed after a disappointment. But now something in me has freed up and my creative mojo is running free and wild again. I like it!

Avoiding Overwhelm, One Step At A Time

Even though I ‘know’ a lot about avoiding overwhelm, it gets me every time .. but not THIS time! Something’s new ..

How To Live Your Life To The Fullest!

It’s great to feel FULLY ALIVE! I know I don’t need moments like jumping off a bridge, or floating in a peaceful sky across the land that I’ve made my home for the past 10 years to feel it. I find those moments in my everyday magic .. but .. they are for raising the bar.

Am I Good Enough For You?

It took me a while, and a major life crisis, for me to realise that no job like that was ever going to fulfil me, especially not until I knew who I was. I still did job interviews here and there after I began travelling, to secure really different kinds of jobs, from live-in care worker to contract driver for troubled teens to barista. And my perspective slowly began to shift

The Martins on ABC’s Nightline

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