Scaling Up And Scaling Down

Wow, that was a fun start to my blogging year! I loved the pace to get me up and writing and inspired and even just generally getting my creative juices flowing! And now that that’s been pretty successful for me, I have quite a few projects going at once .. and boy are they going!

Things Happen For A Reason

I think that the better we get at actually choosing what we put our attention on, what we choose to think or create with our endless inner dialogues and mental images, the less surprised we will be by the results that show up and so the less we’ll need to ask if there was a reason for something, or what that reason was.

Miracle Milk

Describe the wackiest but most useful advice I’ve ever received. To use breastmilk for everything … seriously. Sounded wacky and I’m not sure I was convinced at the time, but I have no idea what wonder substance I’ll replace it with once I stop breastfeeding. There’s not been a cut or an eye infection or [...]

Time Machine For An Hour

If I had a time machine that only let me spend one hour in a different time, what date would I go to? I think I’d like the double-edged sword of going to my last hour of this lifetime.  Well, not really double-edged, because, although I would know when I was going to die on [...]

Why Blog?

I think I would still be thinking about what to do on these pages if it wasn’t for someone in one of my Facebook groups posting a link to the WordPress Daily Challenge. I didn’t stop to think about the logistics, I just launched into it right away.

2011 Goals

What am I looking forward to this year? I am really looking forward to this year and to taking giant steps on my goals. Working with the Visionary Mom Team has really helped me get clear on what I want to do this year and is helping me make it a reality by helping me [...]

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