Making Kefir From Kefir Grains – Water (part1)

After seeing so many of a friend’s photos of him making kefir from kefir grains, I’ve decided to have a go at my own ‘healthy soda’. This is my first attempt, with photos and video links.

Recipes of the moment …

Here are a selection of recipes I am or have recently enjoyed from the sublimely healthy to the dangerously decadent! I’ve probably been loving the smoothies so much just to overcome the birthday cake I had two weeks ago. Whatever the reason, they’re my favourite of the three and seem to be giving me loads [...]

Forest School Soup and Individual Soda Bread

Sharing your child’s passions We began taking my daughter to Forest School a couple of years. I am by nature, not a Nature Girl, but I believe children are and that as an unschooling mom, I am there to facilitate my children’s passions as much as I am able to … and maybe even find [...]

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