Aha Moments

My Aha moments come thick and fast, pretty much every day .. I’m that kind of a person. I see the world in a funny way, where everything that happens and everything that exists, happens first on a spiritual or energetic level. I’m always seeing the patterns of things, from that level, and so I get that Aha feeling everytime I notice their pattern.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Law of Attraction

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my husband said that, clearly Roald Dahl had no idea about the Law of Attraction as there was no way that Charlie would ever have found the ticket as the preceding scenes had shown how very pessimistic he was and how stuck in disappointment and despair [...]

Do You Have A Right To Be Rich?

The Law of Attraction is something you probably know a bit about by now and as you can tell, something that is really ringing my bell at the moment and cropping up in conversations in all parts of my life. You’ve probably already heard that whether you believe in it or not, that it’s always [...]

The Law of Attraction: how does it work?

You are accountable for what shows up in your life. All of it. Accountability simply means being willing to look at what you are doing, or have previously done, that has given you your current results and using readily available tools to help you change your vibration and thus your thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can be, do or have anything that you desire. I am grateful to inspirational writers and speakers like Abraham-Hicks, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Leslie Householder who helped me change my beliefs about health, relationships, money and pretty much any area you can think of and *that* has changed everything in my life for the better.

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