Why Blog?

I think I would still be thinking about what to do on these pages if it wasn’t for someone in one of my Facebook groups posting a link to the WordPress Daily Challenge. I didn’t stop to think about the logistics, I just launched into it right away.


Well Spring is well and truly here and so is that wonderful drive to clear away anything that doesn’t serve me or my family and draw in an abundant life that does. At home, I installed a fire pit in my garden last week and my kids and I have already had our first barbeque [...]

Welcome To The Whole Mama

When I was a little girl, I used to spend hours in a tree alongside our boundary wall, sitting as still as I could, watching our neighbours. Just seeing what other people were doing at home when I wasn’t visiting them, fascinated me. It still does and I can’t help looking into well-lit uncurtained rooms [...]

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