What Is Self-Designed Living??

This is a concept that has slowly been taking shape for me over the past couple of years. “Unschooling” and even “Radical Unschooling” don’t really convey for me the essence of this life I have begun to turn towards and embrace wholeheartedly. And though I have been and still am informed by so much within the unschooling movement, I am as equally informed and inspired by Abraham-Hicks in a spiritual sense, David Schnarch in a relationship sense and many others in other areas of my life. Quinn Eaker has influenced both this term and the essence of it as I’ve got to know him more and I am very grateful for that aspect of Being that he shares so freely.

I feel my Life Purpose is to live a self-designed life, feeling free, and to inspire others to the possibility of being free too.

It may sound grandiose and some may be inspired by it’s essence and some may be triggered by it, but I can’t take credit for either reaction, and can only express what is true for me at this point of my experience.

For me, being ‘self designed’ means being in tune with my inner being and Divine Guidance and having whatever I do come from that place, rather than from expectations from anyone or anything outside of me, or for any other reason that isn’t from my highest inspiration.

Perhaps you have had some thoughts come up for you as you read this page? Thoughts about Life Purpose or freedom or self-designed living. I’d love for you to share them in the comments below or to drop me an email.  It would be a pleasure getting to know you!


  1. You might want to look into the “lifestyle design” movement. It’s full of good stuff along those lines. (Timothy Ferris, etc.)

    • The Whole Mama says:

      Thanks Alison, yes I read the Four Hour Work Week a few years ago and that got me thinking, but it’s really ‘unschooling’ all aspects of my life that took hold, along with a deepening of my spiritual practice that really prompted this page and my thoughts on designing my own life.

      It’s not only about the money or activities for me, less the ‘lifestyle’ design, but the whole mindset of freedom that really appeals to me. Being in tune spiritually with my soul’s calling and then living that as fully as I am able to at each stage of my journey. Being really authentic and living my relationships, my passions, my whole life with true inner freedom. Of course, new ways at looking at earning and determining what we want in that life has its place too (and I love Tim Ferris for opening my mind to those new ways), but is only a piece of Self-Designed Living for me.

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