What Was I Waiting For?

I’ve been super busy lately. It’s stuff I’m passionate about, so it feels like fun more than work, and while we do have fun and play here and there during the day, it’s not what I’d label as sustained or structured fun with my children. We do start our day waking together and playing in bed for a while and we also have a lot of rough ‘n’ tumble and wrestling and plenty of Kung Fu Panda before we go to sleep too, but we’ve been light on playful activities during the day in between playdates and groups and building my business (not to mention spring-cleaning and decluttering)!

Most days lately when I grab a moment to get in front of my computer to get in some work or networking, and my children stop by to ask me for something, I’m quick to respond to the basics like bum wiping or getting a snack or drink, but have heard myself saying way too many “not right now”s to more fun, creative requests.

So, it was delightful today to stop myself mid-flow in a “not right now” and say, “yes, why not right now?” instead and go get the face paints and transform my children into puppies.  Trying to get a photo of my son that wasn’t just a blur was actually the trickiest part of all!  In case you wonder, I use Snazaroo paints – they’re gorgeous to use, like watercolours and wash off super easily. When I first started painting with them, I tried the kits aimed at kids (instead of professional paints like these), but they were so greasy and sticky and not much fun to wash off. You can find the ones I’m using here (UK) and here (US). I noticed that my palettes are running low on some colours too, so I’d better stock up!  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Are there any things you love to do that you’re putting off? Or shared moments that you almost missed that you want to share to inspire me and others reading this, so we remember to stop and enjoy the moment? Please leave a comment below.

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